Just finished Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (with the exception of time trials) and I must say that overall that was one fantastic experience. The game is definitely up there with the best on the Wii U and well worth your time.

All in all it wasn’t too hard to 100% most levels if you bypass the before mentioned time trials (which are absolutely brutal in many cases). The difficulty does go from a five to eleven for the final two bonus levels which I found to be an absolute pain thanks to a certain character named Mummy-Me. Those who played Mario 3D Land’s later levels will remember certain stages contained a shadow Mario that would follow your every move and prevent you from ever stopping, while making back tracking more difficult and was generally there to force the pace of the game. Mummy-Me is Toad’s shadow Mario, and really made the final few bonus stages incredibly tense for what was generally otherwise a very relaxed game.. The last level in particular is a 50 stage maze(/gauntlet) with these guys and a bunch of other enemies all trying to get you, resulting in one rather tense finale. I’ve included a video below.


In any event, the rest of the game generally plays off at a much more steady pace and overall is an endearing experience. As with many other Nintendo titles, you can’t help but smile while playing this game due to the loveable quirky characters and wonderful soundtrack. With any luck they’ll bring a sequel to the 3DS, because the title really does suit that platform perfectly with it’s relatively short levels and use of touch and motion based controls.